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Empowering Future Innovators: Himalayan WhiteHouse School’s STEM Workshop and Challenge

In a groundbreaking initiative that aimed to ignite young minds and foster innovation, the Himalayan WhiteHouse School (HWS) organized a three-day workshop on Python programming and Micro bit, held from the 7th to the 9th of August. This landmark event was conducted in collaboration with the prestigious Texas Instrumentals, USA, marking the first of its kind in Nepal.


HWS took a pioneering step by inviting students from other schools to participate in the workshop without any enrollment fees, emphasizing their commitment to advancing education and technology throughout the region. The primary objective was to provide students with an immersive opportunity to explore the realms of Robotics and Computing, laying the foundation for their future endeavors in these fields.

The workshop culminated in an exhilarating STEM Challenge on the 10th of August, where fifteen groups hailing from various schools put their innovative ideas to the test. The challenge encompassed a diverse array of projects, ranging from Intruders Alarm and Automatic Street Lights to Temperature Detectors and Pet Safety Devices. These innovative projects were all crafted using mini computers, specifically Texas Instrument’s Calculator.

Participating schools included a rich mix of educational institutions, each bringing their own unique perspective and enthusiasm to the challenge. Schools such as Shikchyalaya School, New Holy Cross School, and HighView English School, among others, showcased their commitment to nurturing young talent in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The pinnacle of the event arrived with the Presentation and Showcase of the projects created by the fifteen participating groups. This Exhibition was graced by the presence of teachers from the participating schools, proud parents of HWS students, respected media partners including Shikshalaya and Edukhabar, and special guest Mr. Shraddesh Acharya. The presentation was not only a platform to exhibit their creations but also an opportunity for students to articulate their ideas and design choices effectively.

The esteemed judging panel consisted of Dr. Marian Prince, a distinguished mathematician with a prolific career devoted to the advancement of topology and discrete mathematics. Dr. Prince, a professor at Andrews University, has been instrumental in shaping the minds of numerous students, instilling in them a passion for mathematics and abstract thinking. Assisting her was Mr. Bibek Shrestha, a prominent IB Design Educator from Nepal.

Supporting this transformative event were Texas Instrumentals, USA, and Khudkila Nepal, who recognized the importance of nurturing young innovators and empowering them with practical skills and a growth mindset.

In conclusion, the Himalayan WhiteHouse School’s STEM Workshop and Challenge stand as a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration, education, and innovation. By providing a platform for students to explore and create, this event has not only enriched their lives but has also illuminated a path towards a future where technology and creativity harmonize to drive progress. As these young minds continue to blossom, the world watches with anticipation, eager to witness the brilliance they will undoubtedly contribute to our ever-evolving world.

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