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Shaping Futures: E-Shikshalaya Nepal Modernizing Bridge Courses for SEE Graduates

In a groundbreaking move, E-Shikshalaya Nepal, an esteemed edtech company based in Kathmandu, is gearing up to elevate the learning experience for SEE graduates of 2080. By seamlessly blending traditional academic concepts with cutting-edge GenZ skills, E-Shikshalaya Nepal aims to provide a holistic educational journey for students.


Diverse Learning Models:

E-Shikshalaya Nepal has been a beacon for over a thousand +2 and school-going students, offering a rich array of learning materials. The content is thoughtfully categorized into academic and GenZ types, embracing ebooks, audiobooks, videos, flashcards, quizzes, live sessions, virtual simulations, animated graphics, and comprehensive teaching materials.

Innovative Approach to Bridge Courses:

While maintaining the integrity of conventional bridge courses, E-Shikshalaya Nepal introduces a new dimension by infusing a skill factor. The bridge course will unfold on its dynamic online platform, ensuring accessibility for students across Nepal. Simultaneously, skill classes will be conducted in partnership with a top +2 college, serving as the venue for an enriching two-month period.

Expectations and Admissions Process:

Anticipating a significant influx of students, the Group CEO of AFTI Corporation and the founder of E-Shikshalaya Nepal, Shraddhesh Acharya, announced that the course structure and other crucial details will be unveiled by the 2nd week of Magh. The selective admissions process will kick off with pre-registration in the month of Magh, catering to the diverse interests of SEE graduates.

Strategic Commencement:

In a strategic move, the classes are set to commence precisely 12 days after the completion of the SEE Examination. This timeline allows students to seamlessly transition from their SEE examinations to the skill-infused bridge course, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted learning journey.

A Visionary Step Towards Holistic Education:

E-Shikshalaya Nepal’s initiative marks a visionary step towards holistic education, acknowledging the evolving needs of students in the GenZ era. The online platform provides a flexible learning environment, while the physical classes in collaboration with a prestigious +2 college add a hands-on dimension to the skill development process.


E-Shikshalaya Nepal’s innovative approach not only preserves the essence of traditional education but also embraces the dynamic landscape of GenZ skills. This initiative is poised to reshape the educational landscape for SEE graduates, offering them a unique blend of academic excellence and practical skills, setting them on a path for success in the ever-changing global landscape.

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