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Personality Profile : Biography of Educational Entrepreneur Rajan Shrestha (EN)

(Published by Rula /Asian Awards)

Short Introduction:

I am RAJAN SHRESTHA. Also known as Dharatal, I am a 30-years-old man from Nepal. I was born as the second child of my parents on 17th May, 1990 and brought up in Budhanilkantha-13, Chunikhel, Tusal, Kathmandu. I was raised in typical socio-cultural community with less freedom and a lots of boundaries. I would like to thank my mom Chandra Maya Shrestha and dad Ramji Shrestha for the lesson of struggles they have taught and helped me grow myself day by day. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to my mom who made me a man of society and helped me stand back whenever I fell. Whatever I am today is due to her, no matter what. It would be unfair if I don’t mention here my better half, Dimpal Shrestha, my daughter, Genesis Shrestha and my son, Daniel Shrestha for their unconditional love and support. I got everything needed to achieve a successful life from my spouse. My sincere thanks also goes to my brother from different mother; Mr. Gyendra Lama, the Chairman of Manaslu Team of entrepreneur and Manaslu World College; who has always guided me as a big brother. Similarly, I would like to thank my Pioneer Public School family, my friends and relatives for wonderful encouragement they have bestowed upon me.


My Struggle of Childhood and Life:

People from my society anticipated during my childhood that I was going to live a wretched life as they had eye-witnessed the hardships and sufferings of my parents. We had spent several days without food.

I was trapped between the illiteracy and the poverty of my family. It was very difficult for me to continue my studies and works together. I remember those days when I worked as a daily waged worker thinking that it could be a little financial help for myself and my family. As the saying goes morning shows the day, I was doing pretty good at my studies amidst poverty and all the woes around me. The very struggle and perseverance helped me gain experience and education; and the ability to speak clearly and cognitively.

Those were also the days in my life when I used to get slaps from my dad for going schools instead of working at home. I was fond of going to school and had impressed all the friends and teachers. I was smart, clever, talkative, and honest to my teachers and my family. My study routine and habits grew very strong with determination, so I excelled very well in the school ranks no matter what I attended. I always came in first rank in the class, and my extracurricular activities were super exciting and creative. With this, in any programs attained, I was always in good positions and was rewarded with gifts and awards from my schools. These achievements and perseverance along with education is also a reason that filled me with confidence to speak and face the mass.

Apart from going to school, my brother, my sister, and I also had some duties to be performed every day at home, such as fetching fresh drinking water, looking after the cattle, going to the nearby forest called Putalidada for the fodder (dried hay and straw) for the livestock, cooking, and a multitude of more daily chores. My parents were often busy working in the fields and sometimes in villagers’ field. The parents were always happy with our work, effort, and performance. I still remember incredible smiles on their faces!

My Academic Background:

I gained and achieved my lower secondary level of education from Jana Jagriti Secondary School, Budhanilkantha-11, Jagdol, Kapan. I joined Naulin Secondary School, Budhanilkantha-13, Chunikhel, Tusal, Kathmandu where I completed my SLC (Grade 10) as a school topper in 2062 B.S. I passed my higher secondary level education from KEBS Academy, Boudha. I chose English and English literature as major subject once I passed SLC. I got admitted in Bajra International College, Jorpati. It is believed that life is a never ending learning process. Learning has no boundaries. Even after coming across boundless hurdles in life, I joined MA in Universal College, Maitidevi and completed M. Phil from IACER, New Baneswor. Study was my passion! Still it is. I am planning to join and complete PhD within some years. My aim was to be a professor, by keeping same thing in mind, I have been devoting my life in academia since 12 years.

Job Experience to Edu-preneurship:

Since my childhood, I started becoming helping hands to my parents as we had hand to mouth problems. I used to be active in different children clubs and would love to take leadership in generating funds for social works. When there is a will, there is a way, nothing can stop you from helping others if you have will power and sheer determination, so did I. Even in my school life, I used to take tuition classes for my juniors and friends, that’s the beginning of my informal teaching career. After passing SLC, I taught at Wits Academy, Gokarna. During my Bachelor’s level of education, I started teaching career as a Lower Secondary English Teacher at Gokarneswor School, Gokarna. Apart from teaching after completion of SLC, I worked for three months as security guard in Boudhanath Stupa, as an accountant in City Top Restaurant, as a sales manager in Chabahil Gahana Griha, and worked at call center for some months whereas I have been involved in teaching from the beginning. I had also worked in National Ideal Boarding High School as a coordinator, Nightingale School as an ECA Coordinator and English Teacher, English Lecturer in KU City College and Nightingale Nursing College, News Editor and Senior English Teacher at DAV Sushil Kedia School.

My Efforts for My Organization: (Past to Present)

After working in many educational institutes, schools and colleges, I had decided to run my own institute. When the earthquake hit Nepal in 2072 BS, I even had plans to go abroad but my in-laws and parents didn’t like the idea and they promised me to support if I run my own business. Then by forming an academic team I started working as the Principal at the age of 25 in Pioneer Public School, Budhanilkantha-12, Kapan. We purchased all the shares of the school. The school has a very good name and fame in ECAs and academic results just within five years’ time. COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2019. The entire world suffered, is still suffering. It was really difficult to handle life. We thought it was the moment to create opportunities in problems. Thinking so, we registered a company named, Manaslu Team of Entrepreneur Pvt. Ltd, an investment company. I am the Managing Director of this company now. Under this management, we are running Praxis International Academy and Manaslu World College. I am the Principal of this college. Even in this pandemic situation, we are being able to admit five hundred students in our college. In near future, we have a plan to run Manaslu Lions College for poor and needy people. I have been involved in many social activities and programs. I am actively involved in Lions Club International, PABSOK, NPABSAN, WVAN, Aastha Arts Academy in leading positions. During lockdown also, we were serving thousands of people in Kathmandu via different social organizations.

My Achievements:

Being a topper in school life, I got full scholarships and I even used to get other prizes and awards like Best Student Award, Most Disciplined and Sincere Student Award etc. I have been frequently encouraged by different governmental and non-governmental bodies for social work. I have been awarded Young and Dynamic Principal Award by Ministry of Education Nepal, Excellent SEE Result Award, Best English Teacher and Lecturer by Budhnanilkantha Municipality. I was also awarded by the Lions Club International as the Best President Award, New Emerging Leader in Lionism Award and other several appreciation letters. RULA AWARDS honored me with the ASIA’S YOUNG EDU-PRENEUR AWARD. This reward is the real evaluation of my academic and social career so far. This award/recognition definitely keeps me motivated to work in a more creative and devotional way. I thank Rula Awards for finding me deserving candidate to this prestigious award.

My Mission/Vision:

Being in a leadership in corporate house and academic sector, it’s my sole responsibility to upgrade and update these companies with current trend and tendencies. We are fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility in many ways. We have plans to establish and run other distinct projects in Nepal. We have been putting an effort for full entrepreneurship in education and already proved to some extent. We have some pipelined programs like Consultancy, Travel, Cooperative, Resorts, Restaurants, Technical and Agricultural School/Colleges in the days to come, it will be under management of Manaslu Team of Entrepreneur. We will contribute for the society and country via our donations, social works and our knowledge. I have also planned to create many job opportunities for youth and eventually I will be involved in politics to serve the nation and to prove that youths can be the real change makers for the nation, to the nation and by the nation.

Thank You!

Sincerely Yours, RAJAN SHRESTHA ‘DHARATAL” Managing Director/Principal Manaslu Team of Entrepreneur/Manaslu World College

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