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Voting begins in polling center after RSP begs pardon

The voting has resumed at the Naya Kiran Secondary School polling centre in Bharatpur Metropolitan City. The voting was suspended at this voting centre as the leaders and cadres of various political parties protested, saying the supporters of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) candidate chanted slogans when he came to the voting centre. According to them, chanting of slogans is against the election code of conduct.


The polling that was suspended since 11.30 am has been resumed from 3pm after a four-point agreement, including the RSP begging apology for having violated the code of conduct, was reached in the all-party meeting that was convened in an effort to resume the voting.

Polling officer Kamala Neupane said agreement has been made requiring the RSP to ask for forgiveness for violating the code of conduct, to maintain peace and security in 300 metres perimeter of the polling centre and the Polling Officer to write to the Chief Returning Officer on the code violation.
The polling centre was secured in the heavy presence of the security personnel for the resumption of the voting process. Voting is taking place at seven polling centres at this polling station. The voting that started from 7 am will close at 5 pm.

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